From A to B

First I have to say; Sorry mom & dad. I travelled around as a hitch hiker. Something I never imagined doing. Because, you know, it is crazy dangerous. All the creepy people on the road. But hey we are in Iceland, the safest country in the world. Where parents leave there baby outside in a stroller when they are going inside for a coffee. Nothing happens here. The most dangerous things on the road are the sheep that are sometimes stupid enough to cross while you are driving the road. Luckily honking the horn scares them easily away. So there I was putting my thumb up to get a ride to Reykjavik. I was at the most touristy spot in Iceland, the glacier lagoon, so I hoped to get a ride easily. Within 10 minutes a giant truck stopped in front of me. I couldn’t even see the driver, I needed to climb a ladder to even see who stopped for me. The old truck driver nodded yes and said: Ha! on my question if he was going to Reykjavik. I guessed he said yes. So I  took a seat and within seconds I noticed he wasn’t much of a talker. At least not in English. Not even a word. Ok, I thought, this will be an interesting ride. I took out my phone and looked up how to ask a name in Icelandic. Technology is sometimes a must to make conversation. ‘hvað heitir þú’ I asked in my best Icelandic. You have to know every word sounds different than you would think. But he understood me after repeating it 3 times. So his name was Stein-something, probably with ‘son’ in the end and he was transporting fish and didn’t lived in Reykjavik. Yep, that was all I found out. So a 5 hour trip is very very long if you don’t speak each other language. Luckily he was on the phone a lot. And the ride was so smooth in the giant truck that I fell asleep every now and then. The truck driver stopped at a tank station to ask a local to tell me where he would stop. Just to make sure I knew where I was going. So sweet. I really have to say, Icelandic folk are great & super helpful. 

I saved a lot of money hitch hiking. A bus trip can easily cost €80,-. Having a budget is really a challenge in Iceland. Everything is so expensive. A beer without happy hour cost easily 1200 Icelandic kronur, around €10,-. If you like to drink and eat healthy food you need to have money. Somehow the vegan lifestyle is getting more and more popular here. Something I didn’t expect. I mean Iceland is famous for the meat consumption and the American food. You can buy burgers everywhere. And whale and puffin meat is not an exception. But everywhere in the super markets and restaurants there are vegan options, a lot of them. So easy eating vegan in Iceland! 

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