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FALL wishes


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// The surfing season is over and next week is going to be cold and rainy.  Time to cuddle up in front of a fireplace with the new Kinfolk magazine and a fine warm sweater of Isabel Marant. And while I’m not surfing, I sure can improve my skills by learning how to skate. This lovely Globe longboard is on my wish list for this fall. //

Meet the BLOGGER Amsterdam

// Last Saturday I took an early train to Amsterdam. Not to go to work this time, but to meet up with lots of great bloggers at the Amsterdam Meet the Blogger event. The day started delightful with a sunrise over a misty meadow. I really couldn’t stop staring out of the window. Such a nice way to wake up.

The event took place at Hotel Arena. It was so nice to walk around here again. I’ve worked on the interior design several years ago. But now I was the customer, which was quite nice for a change. The whole day was planned in several different area’s of the hotel. It started in the garden room with a tasty breakfast sponsored by Alpro and made by the girls of Veggie in Pumps. After the breakfast there were inspirational presentations, sessions with bloggers like Vosgesparis, speed dates with brands and a pop up market full of wish list wanna haves.

Most inspiring was the presentation of Trend Union by Daniel Costa (Lidewij Edelkoort) about the upcoming trends. And of course the interview with the charming Katie Searle-Williams, the co-founder of Kinfolk. They have a very clear vision about life. To simplify it, cultivate community and spend more time with friends and family. I really love that kind of living. They publish great books and organize events. It all looks amazing, the graphic design, the movies and there stories.

 In both presentations gathering is the key-word. So lets do it! Gather around, meet up, set a date and keep everyone you love close to you. Thats the way to live life!  //









Imagine everybody dancing in the streets
Picture by Renie Ellis

FRIDAY finds

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Brand NEW

// The Into The Great Wide Open collection is now available at the amazing concept store Six and Sons.  Ontour specially designed the collection for the festival. Besides this collection Six and Sons has a great variety of interior items, fashion, books, vintage and a lot more for on your wish list. You can find the shop at the Haarlemmerdijk 31 in Amsterdam. //


// A simple styling moment //





I always loved the surfers lifestyle.

Getting up, checking the waves, taking a board, putting on a wetsuit and run into the ocean. The salt on your skin and your sandy feed are just elements of pure joy. This year I took a dive into this feeling and booked a surf trip to Portugal. I traveled to a little town called Esmoritz, just near Porto. It was my first time alone on a holiday, didn’t know what to expect. But I absolutely loved it!

At first I was a bit scared of the big waves and the feeling of being alone. But I got surrounded by awesome people, who gave me the feeling I was one of them. They just go with the flow, didn’t seem to worry about anything and just do what they love. Jump into a car with some surf boards on top, music playing on the background, sunshine on your face … pure happiness!

I really like to capture this feeling. What a ultimate way of living your life. I really can’t wait to travel back here. But in the meantime I will definitely continue surfing in Holland. Catching as many waves as I can…

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Oporto Surf Camp