Lost count 

So many things happened I totally lost count of the days. I think it is a good thing to get lost. You get into the travelers mode. No clue what day today is, losing sense of time and everything looks less important. Take it day by day and just enjoy every second of it.Two years ago I took a day tour surfing the Icelandic ocean with a company called Arctic Surfers. The owner, named Ingo Olsen, is the most friendly and generous person you can imagine. We kept in touch by Instragram and I really hoped we meet up again on this trip. And we did! Because I love surf photography I asked him if I can join on one of his trips. I was lucky enough that he had a booking for a big group doing a sup tour. It was amazing to help out with the tour. Running and biking around in a wetsuit to shoot pictures.  I loved being part of the whole day. The next day he asked me to join on a tour to the Glacier Lagoon. Well that wasn’t a hard decision to make. I think it is one of the most magical spots in Iceland. I mean supping on a glacier lagoon while taking photos, that is a dreamy scenario for a nature + photography lover, right?! It is almost indescribable what you experience when you are on the water. A sort of calmness takes over. The only sounds you hear is your paddle in the water and the seals that are curious enough to join you. Now and then you hear a big crack when a piece of ice is breaking off. It feels like an unexpected thunderstorm on a clear and sunny day. The lagoon looks so peaceful but at the same time it can be extremely dangerous. You are totally save on land, taking selfies and hiking around. But on the water it is a different story. You probably know that an iceberg only shows 10 percent of his greatness above water. The other 90 percent is hidden underneath. Imagine what happens if one tips over. It can be catastrophic when you are to close. So there I was surrounded by icebergs in calm waters. Seals popped up everywhere and followed us along our way. I was sitting on my board with my camera out when suddenly a piece of iceberg fell. Close….very close. A small wave came towards me, totally fine. But then the iceberg started to move……paddle!!! My heartbeat went from easy going to absolutely crazy. Luckily icebergs move quite slowly, but imagine the amount of ice coming your way. That is scary! You have to get out of there! The water is only 2 degrees and I can assure you, you don’t wanna fall in. A good guide is at this point so important. Thank goodness I had one. My camera got floated, cause I didn’t have the time to store it in a waterproof bag. But it is still working luckily. Got some amazing shots you definitely can’t make while staying on land. That day I spended on and around the lagoon. I’m sure I can spend weeks there, so stunningly beautiful.

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