No time

You would think you will have all the time in the world when you have holidays. Especially when you have 2 whole months off. But the opposite is true. I couldn’t seem to find a minute to sit down and write about my adventures in Canada. So here I am back in Europe with heaps of time to kill.

It all started with my bucket list and the desire to travel to all the countries on my list. Canada was on my list for ages, but it isn’t really a place to visit for a weekend. You need time, a lot of it. Especially when you want to experience more than just seeing cities and some tourist traps.  

The best and most fun way to travel in Canada is making a roadtrip. Luckily I wasn’t the only one with this idea. My boyfriend and a few friends were joining. We rented a car and hit the roads.

The first trip was to Vancouver island. Famous for its wild life and for surfing. Oh yeah! Of course we tried it out. We surfed in Tofino, the best surfspot of Canada. It is really a surfers village. Almost every car had some boards on the roof. There was definitely a chill vibe everywhere. The beaches are amazing, long and foggy with a forest as a backdrop. The water was full with surfers. Definitely a place to go back to.

One day we went on a tour to see the ocean wildlife of Vancouver Island. There were sea otters, seals, whales and lots of birds. It is so amazing to see all these creatures in there natural habitat, especially whales. The enthusiasm of everyone in the boat is amazing. Like little kids that see some magic trick, every time a whale makes a puff. All fingers and camera’s pointed in the same direction. An enthusiastic symphony of ooohs and aaahs rises. These enourmous animals are like magic. Always amazing to watch.

We had some amazing nights on the island. It was so dark that all the stars were visible. I don’t think I saw so many in my life. The whole sky was filled with little shimmers. Now and then they were falling like tiny flashes. Of course I made some wishes that night. We spent hours trying to make the ‘perfect’ shot. But somehow it is hard to show what you really see. It is one of those moments, that you just need to be there to experience it.


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