Bikini at 12 degrees

The best moments are the ones you absolutely forget to take pictures of. Yesterday I was playing beach volley in bikini in Iceland, outside at 12 degrees. I know, sounds crazy right? Iceland is the land of mysteries. Not only the landscape changes every minute, also the weather. You never now if you need winter gear in summer or a bathing suit in winter. It is super unpredictable and can change within a blink of an eye. I feel grateful for the weather that has been wonderful so far. The warmth of the sun makes me feeling blessed. I don’t mind the cold, I don’t even notice it. Some tourists are packed with thick sweaters, winter coats and hoodies. And I walk the streets in a jumper and bare feet in my sneakers. It feels great! 
I just love the fact unexpected things happen in Iceland. You just never know what the day brings. This morning I was invited to start the day as a local. I joined a friend to one of the local pools. A common thing to do as an Icelander. First a hot bath, then cooling down just before you go into a steam room. It is hot in there, sweating while you don’t do anything kind of hot. Getting rid of all the toxics, sweat it all out. An amazing way to start the day. You feel absolutely relaxed afterwards.

Then it is time for some delicious coffee with a cinnamon bun. The best ones you can find at Braud & Co. There are many people who are waiting in line. But as soon as you take a bite of this warm deliciousness, you know why. Best I ever had! And for a great coffee, go to Reykjavik Roasters. You can enjoy your coffee outside on a little square where the sun always seems to shine. 

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