On my way

I’m in the train on my way to the airport. Just half an hour ago the content of my bag was spread out over my bed. I always wait until the very last second to pack my bag. Now you might think I’m totally unprepared and just throw something in my bag. But the opposite is true. Months of making lists and notes has past by. I started a long time ago to think about what I needed and wanted to bring. But the journey wasn’t sure yet, so packing ahead seemed impossible. And then you have me, the undecisive one. I just can’t choose. Like never. What to wear, where to go, what to eat….. I can make my life very difficult if I want to. I just like to be prepared for everything. And yes, I figured out that’s an impossible task to ask from yourself.  So I’m gonna try not to stress about it. Let it go. Like my neighbor said just before I left. You can buy everywhere a pair of underwear.

With a backpack on my back, I move  among the countless number of tourists. Why do I always think I’m the only one traveling? The full plane to Reykjavik confirms the opposite. Screaming babies and frustrated parents are taking over the plane. I put on my headphone, press play and zoom out. ‘Classic & Dreamy’, no better playlist to overactive minds. Staring into the distance, my eyes wander into the clouds. I’m watching the sunset, beautiful color tones are painting the sky. Suddenly I realized I’m watching the same sunset for over an hour. The sun doesn’t set. I’m flying back in time in the same speed of the time zones. It is like time stands still. Incredibly peaceful. Pink and magical. Imagine you fly round and round the world back in time. You would be able to see an eternal sunset.  I would never get bored of that dreamy picture. 

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