My journey

I’m counting down the days before I go, but somehow I’m feeling restless. I know that Monday is not a working day for me, not even the day after that. I don’t have to work for the coming time, but somehow my body doesn’t get that. My head feels foggy and my hart is pumping in my chest. I tell myself to relax, to breathe in deeply and try to shake it off. But that doesn’t work. It takes time to put my mind at ease. I know that. That is the reason why I wanna go to places where I can surround myself by nature. The pureness of remote landscapes are the best remedy to create a peaceful mind. I literally need space, a lot of space, to be able to clear my mind and calm down the thoughts that are flying through my head. I need some headspace by letting it all go.

I will be traveling to Iceland. The island that stole my heart a few years ago. It has a secret value to me. It is hard to describe what I feel about that place. It is unreal. Like you are stepping into a dream that unfolds all her secrets around you through time. I want to start my journey there, because I know it is the best place to get lost.



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